Running your Vacation Rental 

should be simple! 

With systems and automation... 

you'll boost revenue like never before.

With systems and automation... 
you'll boost revenue like never before.

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Hey there,

I'm Jennifer Spencer

I help short term rental owners, hosts and property managers with automation, revenue strategies, and guest messaging so they can diversify from the OTA's, boost revenue, and improve the guest experience.

My professional background is marketing, and my passion is vacation rentals. I started hosting guests at my first vacation rental home almost a decade ago. I love real estate and vacations, and so naturally it made sense to put the two together to provide awesome guest experiences. 

I've got stacks of knowledge that I share with other vacation rental owners and managers to help them implement systems, book guests direct, automate guest communication, and build repeat business, to allow them to build a highly optimized vacation rental business that paves the way for revenue growth (and free up some time!).

Want to find out how you can book direct, improve your guest experience, add automation and increase your revenue? Connect with me at, The Host Approach, so I can help you elevate your short term rental or vacation rental business.

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Nail Your Guest Messaging

Automate your guest messaging, capitalize on orphan nights, enhance your reviews, promote repeat stays, and elevate your guest's experience to new heights! 



Reduce Your Reliance on Airbnb and Vrbo

Assess your readiness to reduce reliance on listing sites and discover how to accept direct bookings, streamline guest communication, and boost revenue.



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Work with Me!

No matter where you're at in your hosting journey, I can help you elevate your short term rental or vacation rental business. Working with me is for you if want...


You want to automate your business including your guest communication.


You're serious about implementing systems for your vacation rental business.

Direct Bookings

You’re ready to elevate your business with direct bookings.

Repeat Guests 

You're ready to nurture guest relationships to increase repeat guests.

Increased Revenue 

You want to see your vacation rental business achieve revenue growth.

 5 Stars Reviews

You’re committed to improving your offering through best practices and hosting tips.

Work With Me

Stop relying 100% on Airbnb and Vrbo! Get focused on automation to take control & simplify your short term rental business. 

Unlock the full potential of your short term rental business with training programs, Deep Dive reviews or 1:1 setup sessions to get actionable steps you can implement right away to quickly get your short term rental business more independent and automated... without having to do it alone.

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